21st  Century Learning

21st Century Learning

There are important research studies learners should know about:

  • There are many different ways of learning that each person can develop
  • Students can learn online
  • It is easier to learn new languages faster by continually listening to the sounds
  • sleep makes our memory more flexible and adaptable because it strengthens both new and old versions of the same memory
  • brief practice rather than long repeated practice extends your memory
  • Cognitive skills can be enhanced by exercising the brain in many ways: cognitive training with physical fitness training and brain stimulation
  • Self-regulated learning (SRL) strategies such as goal-setting and structuring learning content, self-evaluation, rewarding yourself, group reflection and note taking enhances learning and memory
  • Listening to background music is very good for enhancing the brain
  • To enhance the efficiency of your learning you should eat certain types of foods as what you eat impacts your memory and cognitive function. Omega-3 fatty acids and folic acid, which can be found in foods like salmon, sardines, walnuts, spinach, broccoli, avocados, celery, and blueberries
  • The wrong types of food can impair learning and memory: highly processed foods or those that contain a lot of sugar when you are planning to study.
  • As the brain is composed of 73% of water, you need to stay hydrated in order for your brain to function. Always drink water throughout the day.
  • Sleep is important for learning and memory boosting.
  • Work with others to learn and share knowledge
  • Stress impairs the body’s ability to learn, therefore finds ways of relaxing: physical activity, meditation or breathing exercises, etc.
  • Reward yourself sometimes, like resting or taking a nap after learning.
  • Regular exercise stimulates the brain
  • Try to make what you are learning relevant to your life – you will be more motivated
  • Do not multitask when learning as it reduces the brain’s ability to store new information
  • Take notes by hand as you will be less distracted
  • Humour can enhance learning and reduces anxiety.
  • The 80/20% rule: focusing on the most important 20% of what you are trying to learn will actually help you learn 80% of what you need to know